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Here at Blaizing Lotus we offer heart-centered and high quality services…while still maintaining fair and competitive prices. Our team is comprised of skilled and passionate practitioners of the healing arts. We are centrally located near downtown Asheville. Our cozy vintage bungalow is clean, peaceful and inviting.


Possessing a firm belief in the body’s ability to heal itself, and facilitating that truth through the art of natural healing… in this lies the very heart of Blaizing Lotus. We look forward to assisting you on your individually sculpted therapeutic journey to better health, and in turn, a better quality of life.

*All October long when you request an appointment with Sharlette you can enjoy a 10% discount.*
Sharlette is a recent addition to the healing house and has quickly become an astounding asset to her clients and our team. She is an experienced Acupuncturist with a gentle touch and a detective-like personality focused on finding the truth behind what ails you. She utilizes Kinesiology to discover these hidden truths that reside in our subconscious. These subconscious blockages can expose themselves as dis-ease in our physical and mental bodies. Sharlette delves into the source of these blocks and works with you to remedy and heal. She’s truly an amazing therapist and healer. These reasons, and so many more are why we have chosen Sharlette as our Therapist of the Month for October.
Prices for services with discount: 
90 minute Initial Acupuncture – $103.50
60 minute Follow Up Acupuncture – $72
90 minute Initial Acupuncture with Kinesiology -$112.50
60 minute Follow up Acupuncture with Kinesiology – $81
30 minute Auricular (ear) Acupuncture – $40.5
30 minute Neuro-Emotional Technique – $40.5
30 minute Allergy Elimination Technique – $40.5
30 minute Cupping Massage $40.50
90 minute Nutritional Consultation plus
60 minute Follow Up – $202.50 (two part series appointment)
**Mention this offer when you call to schedule at 828-252-7827, or use Promo Code TOTM when booking online.  Click HERE to apply the special automatically while booking online.**
I believe that our life experiences shape us, and that mine have also helped grow and define me as a healer. It was my own health crisis that lead me to the path of healing.  It was a tumultuous time where I felt alone even though I was surrounded by others. I was only twenty years old yet faced with the possibility of cancer- and of course where my mind lead me-possibly death! At that time I didn’t realize this was a gem in disguise, and that the disregard and lack of consideration from western doctors would propel me into a journey of self-discovery, and ultimately, self-love.
Having gone through this challenging period, I learned so much.  I turned to alternative modalities and sought out ways in which I myself could be an active participant in MY health. One of the most important things I learned is NEVER to take away someone’s power. We all hold the keys to our joy and well-being but we often don’t realize it, and this is the very thing that makes me so passionate about working with others. I have learned that it’s my responsibility to hold space and facilitate the healing process for others, but also that each individual is their OWN healer. Getting to connect with others and help them recognize and regain that power on their journey to health opens my heart and fills me with great appreciation for humanity and being in communion this way. I am filled with gratitude and deeply humbled every time I have the gift of working with others in a healing space.” -Sharlette Winters