Blaizing Lotus will be closed on August 21st in observance of the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017.

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Here at Blaizing Lotus we offer heart-centered and high quality services…while still maintaining fair and competitive prices. Our team is comprised of skilled and passionate practitioners of the healing arts. We are centrally located near downtown Asheville. Our cozy vintage bungalow is clean, peaceful and inviting.


Possessing a firm belief in the body’s ability to heal itself, and facilitating that truth through the art of natural healing… in this lies the very heart of Blaizing Lotus. We look forward to assisting you on your individually sculpted therapeutic journey to better health, and in turn, a better quality of life.

Therapist of the month: Justin Hromada

Thinking of coming in for a relaxing, therapeutic massage this month? 
Request Justin as your therapist and receive a 20% discount! 

We are honoring Justin as our THERAPIST OF THE MONTH because he is a highly skilled Massage Therapist  with over 1000 hours of training in myofascial release, connective tissue mobilization and other therapeutic modalities focused on structural wellness. Justin is also trained in transpersonal somatic therapies which focus on releasing various types of trauma from the tissue memory. He is quickly becoming one of our most requested Therapists and for very good reason. Justin is exceptionally talented – a session with him can be all luxury or deeply corrective. If you experience chronic pains, Justin can identify the structural source of your discomfort and work with your body to re-establish proper function. Don’t miss out!

Please enjoy this article written by Justin.

“I am an experienced massage professional and have trained extensively in many healing modalities. This has provided me with a wonderful mix of techniques to facilitate a soothing yet therapeutic service tailored to each clients’ needs. My therapeutic style is best classified as myofascial
bodywork. “Myo” for the muscles and “fascial” for the connective tissues of the body known as fascia. Fascia is found throughout our body, wrapping and connecting to every muscle, bone, ligament and tendon, all the way down to the cellular level, running in layers of superficial to deep. It is the system that allows us to adjust to spontaneous movement and changes in our environment while maintaining functional tensional integrity. Through physical injuries as well as emotional traumas, and repetitive daily postures, the body’s fascial system can become impaired causing areas within it to dry up and become dense and hard. This is known as a fascial restriction, or as many people know them: “knots”. These restrictions create tension within the body, limiting movement, confining muscles and entrapping nerves. Myofascial bodywork uses a slowly sinking pressure that lengthens, widens, lifts, and restores the fascial system through prolonged regional contact and traction, ultimately melting away these
restrictions, allowing the muscles to release and the body to ease into a state of profound tranquility. This opens you the client up to a fuller sense of self awareness and is one of the most empowering and fulfilling aspects of receiving bodywork. The bonus to myofascial body work is how seamlessly it is incorporated into traditional relaxation or deep tissue massages. I am committed to offering professional excellence and focus in every session, every time, while providing the opportunity for you to regain a sense of optimal vitality, and deep relaxation through this integrative approach to massage and myofascial bodywork.” – Justin Hromada

Justin is available Monday-Saturday for Swedish, Deep Tissue, Custom-Mix Massage, Prenatal, and Reflexology Massage. Price for Massage with discount: 60 minute $64.00, 90 minute $92.00, 120 minute $120.00

**Mention this offer when you call to schedule at 828-252-7827, or use Promo Code TOTM when booking online.  Click HERE to apply the special automatically while booking online.**