Naturopathic Consultation

Naturopathic Medicine is a distinctly natural approach to health and wellness that recognizes the integrity of the whole person: mind, body, spirit. Naturopathy works with the intelligence of your body by stimulating, enhancing and supporting the inherent healing capacity of each individual.  Methods of therapy are tailored to work in alignment with each client’s vital force, combining the best of modern Western medicine with ancient healing traditions and wisdom.

Initial Visit: $150 (90 minutes)

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This is the beginning of your healing journey with us.  During an initial consultation, an in-depth and detailed case history is taken to gain a holistic sense of your current health picture.  Dr. Rowan requests you bring any nutritional supplements you are currently taking, as well as copies of any lab work done in the past 2 years. In addition to herbs, nutrition, supplements, and stress-reduction methods, she will discuss with you the concepts of homeopathy, drainage, detoxification and other healing modalities as they apply to your individual needs.  The goal of this visit is to go beyond obvious signs and symptoms to begin understanding the underlying causes of your dis-ease.

 Your initial consult will include either Acupuncture, CranioSacral or a combination of both to jumpstart your healing process.  At the conclusion of your first consultation, Dr. Rowan may give you a few tasks to complete before your follow-up and offer preliminary recommendations as she formulates your unique treatment plan.  This plan will include a combination of educational resources, diet and supplement strategies, self-care practices, meditation techniques, at home exercises, and more to empower you to take your health into your own hands.


Follow up: $90 (60 minutes)

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In order to monitor your progression toward improved health, your Naturopath will need to see you again. Your next visit is usually scheduled within the first month of your initial visit. Follow-ups are shorter than the first and are designed to gauge the changes that have occurred since your initial visit. Dr. Rowan may follow up on some physical exam items, laboratory results, and assess how the treatment plan is working for you. You both will go over these recommendations and make decisions together on how best keep moving forward. Once treatment is on track and you are feeling better, check-up visits are best scheduled every three to six months. The frequency and number of follow-up consultations is dependent on your individual case.