Sunflower Package – “The New You”
This package is designed to give your body just what it needs – therapeutic massage to release bound up muscle tension, assisted stretches to improve your body’s mobility and dry skin brushing to increase circulation and revitalize your skin. This session includes hot towels, hot stones, cupping, and a customized blend of purifying aromatherapy. Lastly, we will give you a take home bag of our house blended “Teatox” herbal loose leaf tea to assist in detoxify your body, bringing you into a greater state of health. This is a LOVE YOUR BODY session that’s sure to leave your feeling renewed and revitalized- The New You!
Price with discount: $135.00
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Holiday Package
 90 minute massage or acupuncture + gingersnap sugar scrub + hot towels infused with peppermint and evergreen essential oils + hot mulled cider = $135!! Expires 1/1/2018. Gift Certificates bought for this package expire 3/25/2018.
Holiday Special – Giving Thanks

We would like to help you in giving thanks to those people in your life that mean the most. To assist in this, we are offering $10 OFF Gift Certificates! This offer expires 1/1/2018. Treat your loved one to a Massage, Sound Healing, Acupuncture, Kinesiology or Thai Yoga Bodywork.

Gift Certificates do not expire for an entire year and can be purchase in person, over the phone, or on our website.

**Mention this offer when you call or come in to purchase at 828-252-7827, or use Promo Code HPROMO when purchasing online HERE

Ongoing Special

Book Your First Thai Massage at Blaizing Lotus and get a 10% Discount!!! 

Price for Thai Massage with discount applied: 60 minute $72.00, 90 minute $103.50, 120 minute $135.00
**Mention this offer when you call to schedule at 828-252-7827, or use Promo Code THAI-10 when booking online.  Click HERE to apply the special automatically while booking online.**

Therapist of the Month: Marina Santosuosso
Schedule with Marina and receive 10% off any session!
This month we are celebrating our amazing Massage Therapist and Sound Healer, Marina Santosuosso! Marina is a beautiful soul with an incredible gift for facilitating healing.
We highly recommend a Massage + Sound Healing session with Marina as this is her specialty. When you add sound therapy onto the already relaxing and healing massage therapy, the benefits are vast. Sound travels about four times faster through water than it does through air. Since our bodies are about 70 percent water, sound becomes the first choice for a natural therapy. Matching the frequencies of healthy resonance can provide stress relief; combining sound therapy with massage is an easy, natural way to achieve this goal. Once stiff muscle and trigger-point areas are identified, the appropriate sound modality can be introduced for release and relaxation. 
A session with Marina will leave you transported to a state of blissful well-being.
Massage + Sound Healing options are as follows (prices include discount):

90 minutes / $121.50 | 120 min / $153 (includes 1 instrument)

90 min/ $139.50 | 120 min/ $171 (includes 2 instruments)

90 min / $157.50 | 120 min / $189 (includes 3 instruments)

90 min / $175.50 | 120 min / $207 (includes all 4 instruments)

Please choose from the the following instruments: