*WHITE PEONY LEAF – ($/ oz.)

Being one of the least processed teas, it means that this tea contains a high amount of polyphenols making it a great ally to fight viruses, bacteria and other agents that may harm you. This is a tea that contains a high level of antioxidants, which naturally help strengthen your immune system. This means bacteria and viruses may have a smaller chance of getting in or surviving in your body. It may also reduce your recovery time when you do get sick. As this tea goes well with honeyed flavor, add a teaspoon of honey when treating a cold or flu. It will help you feel better. A healthy immune system also protects your body from the damage and premature aging that free radicals may cause. So drink a cup of tea every day and have a healthy and nutritious day. A good white tea like this also contains antioxidants that strengthen your whole circulatory system. It helps both to lower your blood pressure as well as reduce bad cholesterol levels. It helps to prevent blood clotting that can lead to heart problems and stroke.