Booking Guide

Important information regarding the Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Blazing Lotus is taking the recent virus outbreak along with the security and peace of mind of our staff and clients very seriously. We are continuing to maintain a high level of awareness and cleanliness within our establishment based on our existing principles as well as using accurate and up to date information coming from the CDC and WHO.  If you are showing symptoms of a cold/contagion or flu like symptoms, please stay home until you are fully recovered.  Also, if you have recently traveled within the US or abroad near hot spots, please give yourself at least 2 weeks to monitor for possible infection. Here is a map of the outbreaks around the world which will help you determine if you fit that category: 

We also want to ensure any existing or new clients that all of our staff are aware of the Coronavirus and are also practicing clean and sterile prevention techniques.

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Every Integrative Massage includes one FREE optional add-on enhancement! Choose from Hot Stones, Hot Towels, or Aromatherapy.

Please let us know which enhancement you would like by writing it in the Special Requests Box when booking. If you do not wish to have an enhancement, simply leave the Special Requests Box empty. 

If you wish to choose additional enhancements please call in at 828-252-7827.

Integrative Massage:

Please be aware that each massage session is customized to meet your needs. This approach defines “Integrative Massage” and simplifies the process of booking your service. Whether you’re seeking deep tissue, Swedish, or something in between, we’ve go you covered. Just communicate your desired pressure to your therapist.

Couples Massage:

1) When booking a couples massage please choose Two Guests – A Couple

2) When booking a couples massage you have the ability to choose two therapists. Therapists will show up in “pairs” on our booking system. Please see the image below for an example. In the example, if you choose Saskia then you’d be booking with Saskia and Kristen, vise versa.


Scheduling of Minors :

Minors under the age of 18, but older than the age of 13, may receive massage therapy and bodywork with the presence of a parent or legal guardian in the treatment room during the appointment. If you are scheduling a minor for a massage, please give front desk notice of this fact.

Asheville, NC city ordinance mandates that: “No massage and bodywork therapist or massage and bodywork therapy establishment shall massage or treat any person under the age of 18 years, or permit or condone such treatment, except when the parent or guardian of the person under 18 accompanies the person under the age of 18 during the massage treatment or upon written order of a licensed physician, osteopath, chiropractor, podiatrist, or registered physical therapist, such order being dated and in the possession of the person giving the massage or treatment”

Holding Reservations:

A valid credit card is required to hold reservations. Your card will not be charged until the point of checkout. To avoid cancellation fees please adhere to our cancellation policy.

Booking a service as a surprise/gift for someone

If you are booking a service as a surprise for someone, make sure to use your own phone number and email address, otherwise the reservation will be sent to the receiver.

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