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Duncan’s Reviews


“My husband and I came in for a couples massage. It was amazing. So professional, customized, and relaxing. We both agreed one of the best massages we have ever had. There were Covid guidelines in place and we felt the staff was very intentional about these guidelines, which put us to ease. Thank you Jessi and Duncan!! Additionally, the healing house is beautiful and serene. We will 100% be back. Do yourself a favor and book 💛
Sara P.

“My husband and I had a couples massage today by Suki and Duncan. I’ve had several massages in the past and none of those hold a candle to what Duncan was able to do for me. My husband said that Suki was amazing and provided an excellent massage with just the right amount of pressure and attention to the areas he was having pain in. We both agreed that we will be returning to see Suki and Duncan in the future. Great services and professional experience! I would highly recommend these two massage therapists and choosing Blazing Lotus to do business with!”
Leslee L.

“I would like to thank Duncan for one of the best integrative massages I’ve ever had. I came in with left shoulder blade pain after years of propping that arm against a computer desk while working. He worked on my shoulder blades from every conceivable angle for almost an hour and I finally found relief. I am so thankful for his professionalism, kindness, and utmost holistic concern for his clients. His words were always kind & poignant to me, and I felt deeply honored. I only wish his schedule allowed him to work more hours, as I’m in Asheville for certain days at a time.”
Johanna G.

Just had an hour “target zoning” with “energy work” massage to the abdomen, butt, and legs at “Blazing Lotus” here in Asheville. This is INCREDIBLE!! Nothing like I have ever felt before. I have experienced so many different forms of massage, and this one…takes the cake! The whole BAKERY! 🤤 NAP TIME! Cause I can’t talk right or walk a straight line right now.”
Shannon F.

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