Medicinal herbs have played a major part in medicine for thousands of years. Herbs can be a good alternative for many diseases and conditions. They are low cost, and tend to have fewer side effects. Herbal medicine works with the body to restore balance and health. Herbs are also used in many traditions as a preventative action to boost immune function and promote general well-being before any disease occurs.

Herbalism is designed to use herbs to treat the underlying causes of disease in a person. Instead of looking at the signs and symptoms and then treating the disease, herbalists look at the whole picture, from lifestyle to physical stressors, in order to prescribe the right treatment and eradicate the root of the problem. Once the cause of a condition is discovered, the herb is prescribed to restore the body’s natural balance. Herbal medicine is gentle, safe, and highly effective. Blazing Lotus has an herbal apothecary that boasts over 100 raw Western bulk herbs along with a variety of Chinese Medicine, consisting of tea pills and granules. We also have a variety of herbal medicine from local companies, such as tinctures and salves, and our very own line of herbal loose leaf tea blends. We have a tea for just about everything…insomnia, anxiety, detox, and digestion to name a few.