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Marina’s Reviews

“I scheduled a couples massage before we left for our vacation and the process was very simple- availability of times, therapists, and cost were all transparent and available online. The location is in a converted house with 4 parking spaces behind the house. The room is setup nicely- very private and quiet. The massage tables are heated and the hot stones felt great. Both message therapists did a great job and I highly recommend this place. Marina actually gave tips as to a daily routine to help stretch in the morning.”

Andie C.

“I’ve traveled a fair bit and have had the pleasure of massages in the US/CA and overseas…this was the best holistic massage experiences I have ever had! WOW! Marina is excellent in her trade- y’all ‘killed it’! We’ll be back! Thanks so much….”

Steve H.

“Everyone was very welcoming. Marina was great! This was my first massage and I will definitely be going back on a regular basis!”

Kate W.

“Have had massages with several different therapists and they really know what they are doing, plus they put their heart into it. T.J. gives a great deep tissue massage if you have areas that need special attention. Marina has teriffic ability to relax you so you will forget all your troubles. Everyone is kind and considerate and does whatever they can to assure your experience is more than you expected. The energy of Blazing Lotus is truly healing. I feel it from the moment I walk in until the moment I depart. I will continue to return.”

Shana F.

“My wife and I had a couples massage. I had Justin and he was wonderful. My wife had Marina and she was exceptional as well. We were very comfortable and relaxed the entire time. Will definitely be back soon.”

Kat H.

“The staff and therapists are very interested in helping you heal your body and feel your best. Marina and Paige were awesome and both genuinely kind and knowledgeable. My husband and I were both impressed. Whether you are looking for pure relaxation or using massage and bodywork as a tool for healing this is the place for you.”

Sharon S.

“I’ve never had a professional massage (and I’m past retirement age!), so I opted for a short session for just head, neck and shoulders. Marina was wonderful, talented, and made the whole experience memorable. The house setting is very relaxing as well. I felt like I floated out of there! Next time — a longer session….” 

Mary D.

“My California daughter Christmas gifted me with a Blazing Lotus massage. I had it yesterday. What Marina did was way beyond any massage I’ve ever experienced. She is also a sound therapist and her incorporation of tuning forks and a singing bowl into massage were incredible. I also loved the aroma therapy aspects of this experience and Marina’s general attention to every muscle in my body. Somehow, she reached my spirit during this massage and our hugs at the end (over delicious warm tea) were sincere on both sides. Thank you, Marina, for the greatest massage I’ve ever had.”

Jeanne C.

“Booked a couples massage on short notice after our appointment at a different place was cancelled. So HAPPY we went here. The business is in a converted house, and it felt like walking into a friendly community. The downstairs is a warm meeting place full of comfy couches, chocolate and homemade tea. Our therapists Marina and Willow greeted us with big smiles and hugs, were knowledgeable and warm and chatted with us about what we wanted to work on. They offered us various options for therapies from cupping to acupressure to aromatherapy and checked in throughout the 90 minute massage about comfort and pressure. Willow did an amazing job releasing tension in my hips and glutes using acupressure. At the end, they met us with tea and hugs and recommendations for how to care for our bodies based on the tension points they discovered during the massage. Wonderful experience. Will be back next time we are in Asheville!”

Alice C.

“Blazing Lotus is hands down the best place to receive any sort of treatment in Asheville. I go to see Marina and she is a goddess! They focus on mindfulness and are just genuinely amazing people. I would and do recommend them to anyone!”

Elizabeth L.

“I had a 120 minute sound healing and massage with Marina last Friday and it was amazing beyond expectation. I’ve had massages in the past that were good but they were “just” massages.. The time I spent with Marina was a full on healing experience. She gave me so so much more than a massage. I have difficulty ever feeling truly RELAXED even when I sleep but Marina was able to help me reach a level of peace and comfort that my soul really needed. Truly, Blazing Lotus takes healing services to a higher level. Thank you!” 

Myan A.

“My wife and I had a beautiful couples massage with Marina and Meredith. It was delightful. We are planning to go back there every month to forget our stress and restart fresh!!! 🙂 Go book your appointment!!”

Eva A.

Wow. Wow. Wow! And that is not all that I have to say… I booked a couples massage for my fiancé and myself here a couple of days ago. I was assuming that it was just a Swedish massage when I booked it. However, it turned out to be much, much more than that and it was a nice surprise. The people here are warm and welcoming, the atmosphere is very laid back and the level of skill that the massage therapists have is unlike any that I’ve experienced before. I am not a rookie when it comes to having massages by any means either. I haven’t had a session in awhile, but I used to go on a very regular basis. This was my fiancés first experience, however. My therapist was Marina and he had Sommer. I chose the 90 minute massages because I’ve done this long enough to know that less than that amount of time just isn’t enough lol. Marina used a combination of techniques and enhancements on me. Some that I haven’t experienced before and others that I had- reiki/sound healing, hot stones, aromatherapy, hot towels, Swedish and even a little deep tissue. Sommer used a similar combination on my fiancé, but not everything that I received (I’m thinking because he was so new to the experience). When the 90 minutes was over, we both laid back on our tables, just grinning at each other like a couple of kids. It was, by far, the best massage experience that I’ve ever had. My fiancé immediately said that he wanted to come back and that he never knew what he’d been missing. I let him know that the experience we had was very special. I’m sure that there probably isn’t anything like this place where we live. The entire experience was as beautiful, unique and spiritual as Asheville itself. If I lived closer, I would make it a point to see Marina on a monthly basis. I do come to Asheville a few times a year though and we will definitely visit again. I just can’t say enough about Blazing Lotus!! Thank you guys! 🙂

Johanna M.

Best experience I had in a long time. I found the sign for Blazing Lotus massage on my way to downtown Asheville. I was lucky to find an appointment the same day I looked them up. I had an infrared session and then a massage with sound healing with Marina. It was one of the best massages I had in a long time. The whole house was very relaxing and clean. Everyone was super nice and accommodating. Very highly recommended next time you are in the area.”


Relaxing and wonderful. Thank you Blazing Lotus for making my girls vacation amazing today. TJ and Marina were wonderful. I highly recommend the 2 hour massage. (Because, why not!)

Josey T.

By far the most relaxing massage ever. My massage with Marina was the most relaxing massage I have ever received. She took the time to review breathing techniques before the massage to enhance my relaxation….very helpful. I will return to Asheville to return to Blazing Lotus!”

Michael M.

Total relaxation. While here in the mountains of NC I was looking for a new place for a deep tissue massage. TripAdvisor gave Blazing Lotus great reviews so I set up an appoint on their web site which was very easy to do. The spa is very serene as soon as you enter it. The staff was very friendly. My therapist was Marina she began the appointment by asking through questions about what I wanted from the massage and any concerns that I had. She also offered advice on breathing technique to make me more relaxed. The massage was great. Just the right amount of pressure to relieve my tight muscles. The whole experience was also very spiritual. Great music and enhancements like hot towels and cranial-sacral were an added plus. If your looking for a new spa experience definitely check them out.”


Superb healing experience. We have spent many times in Asheville and experienced spa and other treatments. None have been as wonderful as the treatments my husband I received at Blazing Lotus. It is superb not just for Asheville but for any other places we have experienced during our travels. From the sign in and assignment of therapists to the soothing environment to the follow-up, it was high quality, personal, and healing. I worked with Amber who does acupuncture and cranial-sacral therapy. It made such an amazing difference immediately. I only wish I could find this kind of treatment at home. My husband and I also had healing massages with Marina that were, by far, the best healing experiences. She used a combination of approaches to meet our needs. I only wish we lived nearby to go to this wonderful place regularly.”


“My husband and I were on our honeymoon and able to get a couple’s massage the same day we requested it. We were greeted by Marina and Kris. They reviewed trouble areas for us and got us set up in the room. The massages were great. Both were attentive to our needs, and we were able to truly relax. I had hot stones and essential oils throughout my massage. My husband had a cupping treatment and essential oils as well. We will definitely be back when we return to Asheville!”

Jill G.

“What an amazing retreat. I’m so lucky to have found this place while staying at Lake Lure, NC. It was well worth the drive and an experience everyone should put on their “bucket list”.  Allison was so kind and accommodating while making my last minute reservations, greeting me, and solving a booking error. I felt the services were affordable and thoroughly healing. My anxiety as well as any physical and mental stress melted away with the glorious Sound Therapy Swedish Massage by Marina. The icing on the cake was Audrey’s traditional hot cupping that took me back to the healing I received in China almost 10 years ago. I’m not sure if any other spa experience will compare to this due to the caring and talented staff, quaint location, soothing house blended hot tea, and unique services. Thank you for the encouragement to care for myself, the reminder that I deserve to live in the moment and be grateful.”

Monica C.

“I don’t know if I am hard to please or have just experienced some great massages in my day but when my husband booked me a massage at Blazing Lotus for the first time I was skeptical. Only because every time I go to someone I don’t know it is usually kind of disappointing. He even said if you’re not feeling the vibe right when you walk in, leave. So as I walked into the threshold of what felt like someone’s cozy home, I was pleasantly greeted by the front desk woman. It’s a place you would want to go if you’re feeling a little lonely and want to feel a warm welcome. I was massaged by Marina for a 60 minute deep tissue. Amazing. She breathes with you and you can feel she is right there with you in your healing process. That is what a good massage is to me. I can ask my husband to rub my back whenever I want. I need healing hands that care. That is what I got at Blazing Lotus. Not only hands though; cups, vibration therapy, hot towels and stones. I left feeling like I had went on vacation and everything melted away and I was centered again. Now go book it!!

Lilyanne P.

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