Melanie’s Reviews

“I visited Melanie for a pulled muscle in my back. She did an outstanding job, 5 star treatment. Very professional.”



“Easily one of the best experiences I had in Asheville! Literally two hours into my vacation, I decided to get a massage, given that I had to kill some time before my check in. I called to find out if there was any available spots for that day, and was told there was, but i would have to wait about an hour and a half, which was more than fine with me.

I was greated by Valerie who is one of the best people I have ever met in my life! I was offered some amazing tea, and got to sit in this beautiful 1920s living room while I waited for my appointment. Not only was Valerie a great host, but a wonderful human being. Valerie and I spoke the entire time, as if we were friends reunited after many years. Just the genuine exchange of experiences shared was well worth the time and money. Truly an amazing person.

My massage therapist was Melanie, who was extremely welcoming and helpful. Melanie made sure to hear me out regarding the areas where I felt the most discomfort, and felt needed more attention.
Melanie was very professional, and left me feeling like a million bucks.
After the session, she sat with me, and gave me some helpful tips on maintenance, hydration, and stretching. Overall, I would highly recommend Blazing Lotus! Service, ambiance, and overall energy is outstanding. Thank you all for everything, and will definitely make it a priority to come back on my next visit.”

~Sebastian M.


“After a brew filled vacation in the beautiful city of Asheville, I wanted to ensure my 30th birthday celebration went out with a bang! I booked a couples massage for my girlfriend and I on our final day in the city. I’ve had a massage a few years back but never with a partner. I didn’t really know what to expect but the reviews seemed promising so I booked with TJ and Melanie in the relaxing Thailand Room.

Couple standout features about this place:

The location is extremely close to downtown. We stayed at the Four Points Sheraton and you could probably throw a stone at it (pun intended) .

Unlike some parts of central Asheville, there is parking!

Complimentary tea was a hit with my girlfriend.

The interior is super cozy. Immediately felt at home.

You get one free add on with your massage. I picked the hot towels while my girlfriend picked the hot stones. Aromatherapy is also an option. The towel was hot as it should be.

Now to the personal experience, being our first couples massage TJ and Melanie really comforted us and ensured we were at ease. I went with Melanie and she asked in depth questions to customize my massage. I told her I’m a wine sales rep and can pick up anywhere from 10 to 20 cases of wine a day on top of 4-5 hours of driving between accounts. I told here where I felt the need to focus but she seemed to have a keen understanding of additional places I could use some work. She really spent time where needed while maintaining a good pace. Nothing felt rushed. I alerted her of a shin bruise I got while moving some furniture and she was careful not to exploit it.

After the massage, she went over ways to loosen up areas where I was most tense. She also pointed those areas out to me so I can get a better understanding. Amazing top to bottom experience, and we will definitely be back next time we are in Asheville! Two thumbs up over here!”

~Barry G.


“Received the couples massage for an hour with hot towel service. A little apprehensive, curious since it was a first time massage experience. Really was all we could ask for in a first time experience. Melanie and Amy were awesome and we quickly felt at ease. Wish we discovered the process and Blaizing Lotus sooner and wish I tipped them better! (Also new to tipping etiquette, sorry!)”

~Noneya B.