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Shea’s Reviews

“Excellent massages in a peaceful environment. Scheduled massages at Blazing Lotus after reading all of the positive reviews. Did not disappoint! Two hour Thai massage (if you’ve never had one you might read up and give one a try – rare in my experience to find a really great practitioner like Shea) and two hour sports type massage. Both were excellent. Wonderful environment from booking to our treatments and very reasonable fees.”

John W.

 “The relaxation already started when I called to set up an appointment. It was welcoming and easy. Check-in was just as pleasant. The massage I received from Shea was divine. Knowledgeable, intuitive, and soo good.”

Angela N.

“I have received bodywork from a variety of professionals all across North Carolina and I can’t recommend Shea enough. She is intuitive and is truly gifted when it comes to healing her clients.”

Tracey R.

“My husband and I enjoyed a couples massage today. It was excellent. The ambiance in the room was professional and peaceful. The added hot stones and hot towel were so good. Muscles and tight spots were worked on as requested and the full body massage brought us in a very calm and relaxed state of being. We recommend both Saskia and Shea for this 60 minute treatment! We will be back for more!”

Nickie A.

“After having my first massage ever in San Diego at a 4 star resort, I was pleasantly surprised with Blazing Lotus delivering the same results for less than half the price than the resort! Shea was amazing and a very calming masseuse and very respectful of comfort and boundaries. I wish I could have a massage here once a week, it’s very very relaxing. It somewhat inspires me to want to do the same for others with high anxiety like myself.”

Nadia O.

“My boyfriend and I came to Asheville to celebrate our anniversary. We knew we wanted to do a couples massage, but we weren’t sure where to look. Blazing Lotus’ reviews is what brought us to them and we are so glad it did. We booked a couples session with Shea and Christina. Both had great energy and made us feel extremely comfortable. The space itself was beautiful and relaxing. We both chose hot stones as our add on and it really added another level of relaxation to the experience. At the end of our session Shea even made me some tea! Overall a wonderful experience. The staff is wonderful and friendly. We will definitely be back next time we are in town!”
Marissa E.

Shea is the most impactful, space-holding, intuitive, bodywork therapist I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Shea’s ability to center and ground a safe space, work out kinks, encourage deep breath, feel out any deep knot, and laugh alongside me when i’m congested and snotty after being facedown on the table for an hour is absolute magic. I recommend Shea for anyone seeking an unlocking, a smoothing, a shifting of their current space and body arrangement — tended all the while by Shea’s soft (and often wonderfully strong) and supportive presence. Book this person, asap. Your money will be well spent, but your time with Shea will be of incalculable value.”

Susannah A.

“What a delightful, restorative, experience. The atmosphere is calm and welcoming, the staff is incredibly kind, and I appreciate the punch-card option for locals. I’ll definitely be filling my card up.

I did my research before booking a massage because I wanted a combination of Swedish and deep tissue. I’m a landscaper and woodworker and had some muscle pain from relative motion to work out, but also wanted to relax during the majority experience. It was honestly one of the best massages I’ve ever had.

One of the reasons I’ll be back was the extra time my massage therapist (Shea) took with me afterwards to show me some techniques for using lacrosse balls to loosen up my very tense hip and lower back. I’ve never had someone take that extra time after a massage and it was really helpful.

When you visit they also offer tea, first-time gifts, and hot stones or warm towels during your massage. This is the kind of place that goes above and beyond to make sure you have a relaxing, restorative, time and I sincerely appreciated it!”

Micah N.

“I’ve been getting cranial sacral massages with Shea for a couple of months now and I am in awe over the difference it has made in my life. Not only can my body move more freely without pinching in my spine, but I’ve been able to work through a lot of emotions that I have had buried for years. Shea has been an amazing person to walk through this journey of healing with. She is compassionate, insightful, intuitive, and sincere. I’d highly recommend visiting Blazing Lotus Healing House to anyone I need of restoration.”

Julia S.

“We had a couples massage! Hands down one of the best massages I’ve had. Both therapists were knowledgeable and professional. Lucian helped my husbands constant hip pain go away in one session. Shea used the perfect amount of pressure and relaxation for me. I melted like butter! We will be back!! Thank you for an amazing evening!”

Renee C.

“Thai massage with Shea was an experience above any other massage or relaxation session I have ever had. Deeply relaxing and enjoyable. Knots are gone. I feel more myself afterwards.”

Allison D.

“Another awesome massage and sound healing session with Shea. She’s a most excellent therapist and I know this because… I’m a therapist too! Intuitive, gentle, firm, deep and flowing. And when she played the didgeridoo – well I thought there were 2 other people in the room assisting – energy flowing fully. I floated out of the room. I’ll be back!”

Thalia M.

“Excellent Experience! My wife and I had massages here during our stay in Asheville for our anniversary and it was by far the best massage experience we have ever had. The staff was very friendly and the atmosphere was very relaxing. The best part was that both or our massage therapists (Meredith and Shea) had excellent technique! We will be visiting this spot anytime we get a chance to go to Asheville!”

Matt H.

“I’ve had massages from several of the therapists at Blazing Lotus. All of the practitioners are terrific but I’ve had a particularly great experience with Shea. She is incredibly skilled at releasing very tight muscles and in helping to facilitate an overall healing experience. She blends techniques from several areas at each of our sessions so each one is slightly different and specifically tailored to my needs at the time of the session. Highly recommend.”

April D.

“Fantastic, fantastic and….well fantastic. Shea is such a grounded, connected therapist who’s touch his gentle and firm at the same time. If you believe in vibration healing, definitely book a sound healing session. Her didgeridoo was awesome – out of body experience. I left feeling like a limp noodle!”

Thalia M.

“Got a gift certificate to have a massage and picked Shea for my therapist. She was wonderful. Just the right pressure and I was so relaxed when I left there. Would definitely recommend it and her.”

Sandy J.

“I’ve had two massages here and they’ve both been great. The first was a Thai massage with Shea and she’s wonderful – very skilled, intuitive, and a she has a beautiful spirit that translates in her work. The second was s table massage with Meredith, who has a really nice flow, good pressure and she’s also very intuitive. She was very attentive and kind with my needs (giving me an extra blanket, adjusting the aromatherapy, adjusting pressure).”


“After my very first Thai Yoga session at Blazing Lotus, I told Shea that among the many talented people in this world, she was gifted. She embodies healing, helping me to achieve a level of rest which is rare. She is both personable and professional, devoting herself to what I need from the moment she offers a greeting, until the moment I leave. Since beginning Thai Yoga my body has become more resilient and better tolerates the strain I put it under on a daily basis. I have become more self-aware and am learning to focus on the areas which needs healing. Each session has helped me become more in tune with what I need not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. Shea has been instrumental in bringing about this change through her passion, sensitivity, and techniques. Almost anything can make a person more flexible, or iron out a lingering knot – but doing Thai Yoga will tap into something much more meaningful and permanent.”


“I was squeezed in for a 90 minute deep tissue massage today to deal with some injuries and Shea was amazing! I didn’t want to get off the table!”

Christy S.

“My second visit with Shea and it was even better than the first one. I took advantage of the Dec. special for a 90 minute massage. I loved her thoroughness and particularly like the stretches she included. So intuitive. Allie’s created a wonderful healing environment. Kudos to all!”

Thalia M.

“I found Blazing Lotus via TripAdvisor back in April. With all of the positive reviews and affordable Thai Massage offerings, I had to schedule an appointment during our stay in Asheville. I’m glad I did!I scheduled a 60 minute Thai Massage online which “paired” me with Shea. If you’re not familiar with Thai Massage, think of it as assisted yoga therapy. You’re fully clothed, lying on a soft mat (NOT a yoga mat but something resembling a flat foam mattress on the floor), with the practitioner gently assisting you in different positions that allow for stretching combined with healing touch (kind of like a light massage). The combination of both helps the body energetically heal and relieve tightness and soreness. In my experience, it’s been truly healing– both mentally and physically.

I receive Thai somewhat regularly and I gotta tell ya, my 1 hour session with Shea was one of the BEST sessions I’ve ever had! Ever!! Her style is intuitive, gentle, and healing. At first, I was skeptical that she would be able to effectively work on all of me in just 60 minutes, but somehow, she did!! Each assisted movement was thoughtful, intentional and addressed all of the tightness and aches that needed alleviating.

Blazing Lotus Healing House lives up to all of the stellar reviews! The place and the people are warm, caring, so talented and skilled! And it’s an added plus that their services are so affordable! My only wish is that I lived closer so I could visit regularly.”

Tess A.

“We loved our time at Blazing Lotus! We had the 90 minute couples Swedish massage and added the 30 minute reflexology massage. Oh, wow, Meredith and Shea were fantastic! I love that they added in the hot towels, hot stones, and aromatherapy. It really enhanced the whole experience. When we finished our massages we were given a delicious cup of herbal tea and chocolates. We were only in town for the weekend, but if I lived in Asheville I would definitely be a regular client. Next time we’re in Asheville we will return to the Blazing Lotus!”

Amy D.

“You would have to travel to the far ends of the India to find a place more well suited to relax and rejuvenate your entire mind, body and spirit. Blazing Lotus sets the tone from the minute you walk in the door – it’s all about relaxing and taking care of YOU. Shea is an amazing therapist – she took the time to find out what works best for me and tailored our time perfectly. I felt like I was floating off the table by the end of our session. This is the place you have been seeking, treat yourself to some quality ME time. I will definitely be back next time I’m in the area… Grateful to have stumbled upon this little gem in Asheville.”

Joe G.

Shea was terrific – intuitive and skilled providing my body with just what was needed to work out my kinks.  I’ll be back!”

Thalia M.

“I had the pleasure of working with Shea yesterday. All I can say is this woman is a healer. I am a therapist myself and it felt as if I were receiving all the care and skill I try to show my own clients, that is worth GOLD to me. I had a 90 minute Thai Yoga Massage session at Shea’s suggestion… I had been dealing with pain in my hip and arm. She listened to my needs so well and still gave me a full body workover! I can’t say enough how impressed I was with the whole experience at Blazing Lotus, a beautiful place with beautiful people. I feel so aligned and awakened. Go there. Amber at the desk and Shea will change your world with their kindness, professionalism, and skill. I have had both good and bad massage experiences here in Asheville, as well as seen that it can be a competitive market. As therapists, we MUST stick together and keep it LOCAL. I am proud to say Blazing Lotus, and Shea are part of what makes Asheville the healing mecca that it is. Peace Love and Gratitude!”

S. Fields, LMT

“I have had many “spa” treatments in many locations. Allison and her staff are fabulous. Very caring, Sensitive to your needs and genuinely concerned that you benefit from their services. Sommer is an amazing intuitive therapist. Shea is expert at Thai.”

Mary M.

“Thank you Shea and Meredith!!!!!! Your gifted hands provided healing, relaxation and calmness to our experiences. See you both soon!”

Suzanne and Sid

“It all started when I saw Allie Nova for massages when she operated out of her home, but it only improved when she opened shop on Merrimon. I always book a massage with Allie on our trips to Asheville 2 or 3 times yearly. This weekend, couldn’t see Allie but my appointment with Shea was just as wonderful. Perfect pressure and great vibes throughout the whole house. Best massage in Asheville.”

Chad J.

“My wife and I went on Jan. 2nd 2016. I had Shea who gave me the best massage I’ve ever had. She was very passionate and made sure to check in here and there to see if everything was alright. She’d explain different techniques. She and Allison (who my wife had and loved) even met us downstairs afterwards and stayed to talk to us. Great people with great personalities and talent! Even the atmosphere and wood burning fireplace was awesome! Highly recommend! Will be back in the area in a few months and will definitely be back to see them!”

Daniel W.

“Absolutely fantastic. While I am a returning client this is the first time I had experienced Shea. Also the first time I had experienced the Far Infrared Sauna. I would highly recommend 30 minutes in the sauna followed by at least a 90 minute massage. Also highly recommend Shea although every massage at Blazing Lotus has been heaven.”


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