Reviews – T.J.

“Amazing! TJ uses various techniques that helped me to relax and relieve tension. Thank you, can’t wait to go back!”
~Mary C.
“I have had many massages, but never one that was therapy for my body. TJ took the time to find out what my body needed to feel better!. My daughter had her first massage ever with Micah. He made her feel very comfortable and helped her with sore spots from too many sports. Myan the receptionist is a doll. She truly believes in everyone that works at Lotus, and is patient with new customers. The house is cozy, clean and inviting. We will definitely be back. Thank you for a wonderful day. Hugs”
~Ciaran L.
“GREAT BIG SHOUT OUT TO TJ for the best message ever! I work as a nurse so lots of bending, standing, pulling and pushing on patients. My back was killing me everyday!! TJ worked wonders and helped my back so much, he showed me stretches to really help. I’ve never had a message to do so much for my inner and outer body, this really is a healing house!!”
~Denise C.
“We had an amazing experience and massage at the Blaizing Lotus Healing House. The receptionist was very friendly and so helpful. She made us feel very at home and welcome. TJ gave me a wonderful massage. I cannot wait to go back again!”

~Melissa E.


“TJ was incredibly helpful. Not only did my 30 minute head/neck/shoulder massage help relieve the horrible pain of the knots I went in with in my right shoulder and neck, but he also gave me advice about how to do self-care if/when I found I couldn’t return for a follow up treatment. My shoulder feels SO MUCH BETTER — and he was so knowledgeable. Also, the staff was kind, accommodating, generous and helpful. Will definitely recommend and return!”

~Susanna C.


“After a brew filled vacation in the beautiful city of Asheville, I wanted to ensure my 30th birthday celebration went out with a bang! I booked a couples massage for my girlfriend and I on our final day in the city. I’ve had a massage a few years back but never with a partner. I didn’t really know what to expect but the reviews seemed promising so I booked with TJ and Melanie in the relaxing Thailand Room.

Couple standout features about this place:

-The location is extremely close to downtown. We stayed at the Four Points Sheraton and you could probably throw a stone at it (pun intended) .

-Unlike some parts of central Asheville, there is parking!

-Complimentary tea was a hit with my girlfriend.

-The interior is super cozy. Immediately felt at home.

-You get one free add on with your massage. I picked the hot towels while my girlfriend picked the hot stones. Aromatherapy is also an option. The towel was hot as it should be.

Now to the personal experience, being our first couples massage TJ and Melanie really comforted us and ensured we were at ease. I went with Melanie and she asked in depth questions to customize my massage. I told her I’m a wine sales rep and can pick up anywhere from 10 to 20 cases of wine a day on top of 4-5 hours of driving between accounts. I told here where I felt the need to focus but she seemed to have a keen understanding of additional places I could use some work. She really spent time where needed while maintaining a good pace. Nothing felt rushed. I alerted her of a shin bruise I got while moving some furniture and she was careful not to exploit it.

After the massage, she went over ways to loosen up areas where I was most tense. She also pointed those areas out to me so I can get a better understanding. Amazing top to bottom experience, and we will definitely be back next time we are in Asheville! Two thumbs up over here!”

-Barry G.


“I had a stressful day and was a little late, but instantly started to relax while TJ got started.He listened to me and focused where I asked him to, used LOTS of amazing hot towels, and stretched my arms and legs. I got a 10 massage package and look forward to returning with my husband.”

~Sarah D.
“My husband and I came in for a couples massage today. We had Amberly and TJ as our massage therapists. What can I say, WOW! Best massage of my life!!! Everyone who works here is so friendly and professional. The atmosphere is amazing and welcoming. They made us tea with honey afterwards. I love this place so much! I highly recommend Blaizing Lotus, I think it’s the best massage place there is!”
~Corianna K.
“As a physical therapist and massage therapist of 37 years experience, I am very discerning with the bodywork I receive; so much of that due to the embarrassing fact that I do not create frequent opportunities to receive care, and want each infrequent one to be meaningful and effective. I chose to experience Blaizing Lotus Spa and was completely welcomed into a wonderfully relaxed and nurturing environment that pleased all of the senses! Yesterday I had an amazing session with T.J. Grant which exceeded my hopes and expectations in every way! His strength is perfectly applied within the context of his sensitive hands, and apparently guided by skill acquisition and intuition. TJ discovered all of the myofascial restrictions and trigger points throughout my body, and expertly resolved them in a flow and sequence that was relaxing, enjoyable, and truly effective. His energy was palpable throughout the session, and his huge heart clearly encompassed his work! I will definitely return to TJ for my therapy and relaxation! Thank you!”
~John L.
“TJ was recommended by my daughter. Got an appointment the next day. Was greeted immediately and offered water when I arrived. The business is in a house that is a beautiful older home. Comfortable waiting area. My therapist met me downstairs and escorted me to the upstairs massage room. Asked for my concerns and checked in with me several times to ask if pressure was okay. Found my new local therapist.”
~Dene D.

“T.J. provided an unsurpassed deep tissue massage on my neck and shoulders! I had been experiencing intense headaches and was unable to stand in a natural, proper form comfortably with my shoulders down and back. T.J. worked firmly and intently – at my request – and was able to release their vice-like hold for which I am so very grateful!! It is a blessing to feel so good again!!!
T.J. also shared a few exercises to strengthen the weaker muscles and stretches to counteract the head and shoulder roll forward that comes with sitting in front of a pc. They are working!! All this AND delightful conversation! I will be back!!”
~Lynn H.
“Outstanding experience! TJ provides outstanding service. He greeted me with a warm welcome and made me feel relaxed right from the start. He has the ability to locate troubled areas as he proceeds, working through the knots and tightness. He tailors the massage to meet your needs, and I left there feeling better and years younger. At the end, he provided me with a choice of water or tea and some healing tips and resources so I can look after my own health until next time. The ladies at the desk are awesome too!! Blaizing Lotus is a top-notch facility. They are a true healing house.”
~Jeanette L.
“AMAZING! I fell in love with TJ today! The cat is out of the bag, I proposed! Lol.. Years of tormenting my body and not properly taking care of myself has led to terrible knots in my back! TJ made some break through on said knots and I made an appointment in 2 weeks! Thank you thank you thank you!”
~Jennifer K.
“Amy and TJ were awesome! Just what we needed to start off a relaxing anniversary weekend right!”
~Heather W.
“Have had massages with several different therapists and they really know what they are doing, plus they put their heart into it. T.J. gives a great deep tissue massage if you have areas that need special attention. Marina has teriffic ability to relax you so you will forget all your troubles. Everyone is kind and considerate and does whatever they can to assure your experience is more than you expected. The energy of Blaizing Lotus is truely healing. I feel it from the moment I walk in until the moment I depart. I will continue to return.”
~Shana F.
“My husband and I have been going here for awhile for massages and have had many different therapists who were all wonderful. My personal favorites have been T.J. and Justin. They have both worked with my complicated back issues (fusions/rods due to scoliosis) and I always walk out feeling amazing and rejuvenated. Their space is so relaxing and everyone there makes you feel welcome.”
~Leah H.
“My husband and I got a couples massage from TJ and Meredith and they were both fantastic! They are so attentive to what you are comfortable with and where you want to or should work on. Definitely in the top massage experiences for both us. Not only did it feel amazing, they both had things for both of us to work on. Stretches or techniques to help combat the effects of the desk-work life. Great all around experience!”
~Katie B.
“Great experience at the Blaizing Lotus. We had a couples massage with Paige and TJ – Very relaxing experience, very knowledgeable massage therapists. They each worked specifically to our needs and pressure preferences. Cupping, hot stones, and hot towels were also offered free of charge with any massage, and it was worth it!Afterwards Paige and TJ met us downstairs with hot tea and water. They both had recommendations for day to day exercises to help work on posture because we both work in office settings. Highly recommend.”
~James W.
“My husband and I did the couples massage for our anniversary. Neither of us had ever had a massage before. Both massage therapist were amazing. TJ was my massage therapist and was awesome! I felt amazing afterwards. Would highly recommend Blazing Lotus to anyone looking for a massage. The staff was very nice while booking the massage and while we were there!”
~Jessica L.
“Great relaxing and knot-busting massage from TJ! Super helpful tips for keeping my legs and glutes nice and loose for my trip west! Highly recommend this spot. Comfy digs and welcoming ppl.”
~Matthew F.
“My partner and I scheduled a 60 minute couples’ massage with T.J. and Paige. We both agree that we’ve never had a better massage experience anywhere else. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by the receptionist (I’ve forgotten her name) who was very easygoing and friendly and happy to answer all our questions about her experience living and working in Asheville. As we filled out the requisite paperwork, T.J and Paige greeted us in the lobby, and asked about our individual needs. They worked hot stones, aromatherapy, hot towels, and cupping into the massage at no extra charge, and it made so much more of a difference than I was expecting. After the massage, we were offered water and hot tea, which I enjoyed quite a lot. We did a lot of browsing, trying to pick the right massage parlor, and I’m so glad we decided to go with Blaizing Lotus. Highly recommended!”
~Amy T.
“My partner (whose review is probably right beside mine) and I chose Blaizing Lotus at first because of their very well designed and enticing website, and the sheer versatility of their massage work; incorporating hot stones, hot towels, essential oils, and cupping free of charge. Dollar per dollar, not only is this the best deal as a couples massage in Asheville, but puts you under the care of some of the best massage therapists we’ve ever worked with.
I cannot recommend TJ and Paige enough. They did incredible work with us that’s had lasting effects on our energy, breath, and posture. Everyone here is extremely friendly, even going so far as to wait with water for us at the bottom of the stairs after our massage was over. I cannot recommend them enough.”
~Gabriel K.
When I decided to get a massage while on vacation in Asheville, something told me Blaizing Lotus was the place. Every moment of my encounter there was heavenly. They have created a beautiful ambiance in this old home and are super welcoming upon arrival. TJ was an absolutely amazing therapist. He is intuitive, patient and curious about the body and I felt so cared for during my 90-minute massage (worth it, 60 minutes just isn’t enough!). As a massage therapist myself, I can say that this was one of the best massages I have ever had. I wish TJ practiced in upstate NY!
~Zoe I.
“The Healing House had a very tranquil setting with kind staff. I received a massage from TJ, who was very sincere in trying to help alleviate some of my problem areas in my back. I had great massage and felt so much better afterwards. Thank you. ”
~Katie W.
“This place is amazing! They were able to get my cousin and I in at the very last minute on a cold rainy day. TJ helped me out and he was one of THE BEST massage therapists I’ve been to. I asked for a deep tissue with majority of the concentration on my shoulders/upper back. He massaged out every knot with the perfect amount of pressure for me [I like it hard ;)] and left me feeling so rejuvenated. I can’t recommend him enough!”
~Quinn T.
“I recently visited Blazing Lotus and had a massage with TJ. He was fantastic! He used traditional massage, heated stones and cupping techniques to help me achieve relaxation and muscle relief. He did a great job of administering the right amount of pressure and making sure that I was comfortable throughout the massage. If I’m in Asheville again, I will definitely go back to the Blaizing Lotus Healing House!”
“My husband and I went for a couples massage for our one year wedding anniversary. Our therapists were TJ and Sommer and they were very attentive and caring. They listened to our concerns and needs and made us feel relaxed and welcomed. The staff is also very amazing and greeted us with warm smiles and offered us beverages as soon as we entered. I would highly recommend this place to anyone wanting a massage in Asheville. I will most definitely be coming back the next time I am in town.”
~Danielle T.
“My 15 year-old son and I enjoyed an afternoon massage by T. J. and Paige in adjacent rooms upstairs. Convenient walking distance from many attractions in downtown Asheville, the Blaizing Lotus Healing House is a relaxing get-away. From the friendly receptionist to the attentive massage therapists, all the staff was pleasant and helpful, doing their best to make this a fully enjoyable experience. Water prior to the massage, hot tea made from their own blends after the massage, and truffles before or after all added to the sense of being pampered. The massage therapists (T.J. and Paige) focused their arts on the areas each of us specified during a short interview immediately preceding the massage. Hot stones, cups, warm layers of towels, and various therapeutic oils added to the indulgence. Well worth the $80 per person price tag.”
~Alice H.
“We had a couples massage with T.J Grant and Justin Hromanda and it was the best experience we’ve had. They were very professional and therapeutic. Will be back next time we are in town!”
~Sergio F.
“We got a couples massage while in town for the weekend. T.J. And Paige were our masseuses and did a fabulous job. It was very relaxing and well worth the money! They spent extra time to talk to us before and after and make us comfortable. Unlike most massages, this one included aromatherapy, hot stones, and cupping with no additional charge.”
~Camden A.————————“I booked a couples massage for my wife and I along with 30 minutes in the FIR Sauna. We had a great experience, all the staff were welcoming and kind. The place had an overall great vibe to it, Chakra flags, relaxing music, etc. We had TJ and Meredith, both were very experienced and left us feeling so relaxed. This was our first 90 minute massage as we usually do 60 minutes. I really enjoyed all the other little extras that are included with the massage, the hot stones were incorporated in a very subtle but relaxing way, the warm towels and the aromatherapy was another nice touch to an overall blissful experience. My wife and I have traveled to many resorts, had several massages before and this was one of our best experiences to date. We visit Asheville a few times a year and I am certain we will be back.”~Ddoc2——————”I had a wonderful prenatal massage with Paige and my husband had an equally wonderful massage with TJ. The atmosphere was incredibly relaxing and we will certainly be coming back!”~Lilly O.——————

I had a 2 hr. massage with T. J. It was my first time visiting the Blazing Lotus. The staff was very friendly. The atmosphere, inviting and relaxed. T.J. is a pro. It’s obvious that he takes his role seriously. His knowledge, experience, and skill reflect that commitment. He used several different techniques—Swedish, hot stones, reflexology, etc.—all of which were amazing. I came in feeling very tense from a stint of long work weeks and travel. I left ready for the holidays and in a relaxed state of mind and body. I will definitely be back.

~Sara A. Estepp Trammell


“Amazing!  I had TJ, best massage ever. Can’t wait to go back. The house is very peaceful, they did a great job making it a beautiful, calm place for healing.”

~Sheri Oh


“Omg – easily one of the best massages I’ve ever had in my life. TJ knew what he was doing – wow.  He was so intentional about working out the knots where I had stress but also making it such a relaxing experience. I could have cried when it was over. I’m so sad we are only here for the weekend or I would be back asap. My husband had Justin and he was equally as awesome. Ah-Mazing!!!”

~Kelley S.


“My experience at blazing Lotus was wonderful. Everyone there was very friendly and made every effort to make me as comfortable as possible. T.J provided me with an excellent massage and it was evident that he is very skilled in a healing touch. The use of hot stones/towls and aroma therapy just enhanced my experience. I would definitely recommend them.”

~Suzy Rousseau


“Amazing experience! Our therapists, Sommer and T.J. were so attentive. This was our first time here and we plan to go back! We felt comfortable and relaxed during our couple’s massage and so much lighter once we left.”

~Ruby Floyd


“This place has a lot of good, genuine intention behind it and all the staff I’ve encountered are great. Amber at the front desk is really sweet and Ayana, TJ, and Meredith have all given great massages.”

~Katie Rieck


“Relaxing and wonderful. Thank you Blaizing Lotus for making my girls vacation amazing today. TJ and Marina were wonderful. I highly recommend the 2 hour massage. (Because, why not!)


“Asheville should be called “Blaizing Asheville.” My husband and I think that Asheville should be called “Blazing Asheville” simply because this healing house made our trip worth while. Yes, we had great food, music, and some dancing but when we left the Healing House we felt genuinely restored back to health. We felt closer as a couple and were able to leave town with assurance that things “are” okay. We’d recommend a couples massage with T.J and Meredith. They intuitively paid attention to all of our needs and were able to place us at ease, not to mention did some great deep work when needed. Thank you guys, thank you. I will spread the word for sure.”


“This was our first time in Asheville and I wanted to surprise my husband with a re-do of our honeymoon (which was awful).
From the minute we walked in the door, everyone was so wonderful. We were greeted with a friendly face and conversation.
We had Paige and T.J. They were seriously amazing. They were both very easy to talk to and friendly. With it being my husbands first time, Paige was awesome with him. T.J is definitely the best masseuse I’ve came across. Hopefully we can make this an often trip! LOVED our visit!”

~Victoria P.